XVI European Congress of Psychology 2019

XVI European Congress of Psychology
July 2-5 2019 Moscow, Russia





Psychology: creating the future together

People interested in humanities, psychologists, doctors, educators, and professionals from many other disciplines, can draw a complex and superior picture of the World if they come together and share their knowledge and views. Thus, our intention is to make ECP2019 a platform for productive dialog, information exchange and various contributions to create a better future together.

7th ICCP in Chile 2018

“The Community in Motion: Building Diverse Spaces, Social Cohesion and Change”
Santiago de Chile, October 2018

Save the date: die erste Ankündigung für die kommende 7. internationale Konferenz der Gemeindepsychologie, die unter dem Motto "Community in Bewegung" steht. Sie findet in der ersten Oktoberwoche 2018 in Santiago de Chile statt. Weitere Informationen folgen.